10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Table Lamp

Wouldn’t it be nice to dine in a well-lit area? Well, no one wants to eat in a dark dining area! No one wants to eat without seeing the food and the people he or she is dining with.

Eating together as a family is one way to build good relationships. This is the perfect time to share stories and talk to each other about what happened that day. Therefore, the dining area needs to be warm and inviting. It needs to create a positive feeling for the people who use the space.

Therefore, it is important that the dining area is beautifully decorated and well-lit. Most homes will use a single light source to illuminate the area.

But did you know that you can actually do more when it comes to table lights?

Well, today, we are going to give you tips on how to choose the perfect lighting for your dining area.In addition to its functionality light up space, lighting fixtures can also become additional decorations for the home. We will also assist you in deciding whether to use pendants, chandeliers or other lighting fixtures.

Until then, here are the basic things to consider when adding lighting to your dining area:


A dining area looks very beautiful with hanging lighting like a chandelier or chandelier. When you hang a lamp, whether it is a closed room or an open space, you must make sure that the lamp is placed in the center of the dining table.


Someone may ask how high the lighting should be? It needs to be high enough so that it doesn’t block the view, and it should be low enough to effectively illuminate the space. The light fixture should be suspended 28 inches to 36 inches above the tabletop.

Here are some design guidelines to help you:

1. Consider the shape and size of the table.

Consider table shape and size

your shape and size dining table Can help you choose lighting. For round tables, it is recommended that you use round or bowl-shaped or hexagonal light fixtures. If the table is square or rectangular, you can try oval or rectangular or square light fixtures or any linear pendant light. Speaking of table size, a small table will look great with a large chandelier. For long tables, installing double lights will look great.

2. Do not block your view.

Do not block your view

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Some restaurants offer views of the area or feature interesting wallpapers or wall decoration. If this is the case, make sure your lighting does not block the view. Choose open fixtures such as cage chandeliers. You can also hang it higher than usual, above eye level, so you can clearly see the surrounding area.

3. Decide on the style of your room.

Decide on the style of your room

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Your choice of lighting fixtures will also depend on the style of the room. You have to decide if you want a modern, eclectic or whatever your dining area wants.For a more formal atmosphere, purchase a crystal Or use metal on it, e.g. bronze Or a gold device. But if you prefer a casual look, you can use jute, rope or wooden beads to secure it. Using fixtures made from natural materials will warm up the space.

4. Choose lighting fixtures of appropriate size and shape.

Get the right lighting fixture size and shape

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The size and shape of your dining room light fixture will have a big impact on your space. The fixture should be 30 centimeters or 12 inches smaller than the table in all directions. This way, it won’t look too big or too small for your space. Another way to determine size is to add the length and width of the room and use the sum as the diameter of the light fixture. Use feet for room dimensions and inches for light fixture dimensions. For example, if your room is 5 feet by 8 feet, the diameter of the light fixture will be in the 12-inch range. As for the shape, we already mentioned it in Tip 1. But you can also choose a color that you think will suit your dining area.

5. Mix with other lights.

Mix with other lights

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Most homes will only use one lamp in the dining area. Well, that’s not enough! Try adding extra lighting to your focal fixture. You can add recessed or track lighting for furniture or artwork.introduce some desk lamp Place on a sideboard or entryway table to add some sparkle to the area. Illuminate your cabinets with LED strip lights, or you can use glass doors for your cabinets, which will add sparkle to the space. Of course, wall sconces are great too!

6. Add a dimmer switch.

Add a dimmer switch

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It’s not just your living room or bedroom that needs a dimmer switch. You can change the atmosphere of your restaurant depending on the event. If the family is having a meal, it would be nice to have bright lights. But if you’re hosting a dinner party, try dimming the lights a little lower. You can also customize the lighting brightness according to your mood and have a romantic dinner with your partner. This way, you can have a candlelight dinner in your own home!

7. Decide how bright you want the room to be.

Decide how bright you want your room to be

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To get plenty of light and the perfect ambience in your room, make sure the total wattage of all your fixtures is between 200 and 400 watts. Additionally, you will also need to decide on the brightness of the room, as this will also affect your choice. If you want a light fixture that provides diffused lighting, you can purchase a light fixture with a shade, such as a drum chandelier.

8. Select the type of lighting fixture you want.

Choose the type of lighting fixture you want

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The lighting options are endless. You just need to choose based on its design, material, size, shape, color, etc.If you want to get subtle lighting, use drum pendant Or a lantern enclosed on all sides. Try using a bell chandelier to create a spotlight effect.Or you can get a glass chandelier Or a chandelier to give it a light and open look. You can even use lights that create patterns on your walls and ceilings.

9. Caps are important.

Ceiling is very important

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Obviously, it is easier to install lighting fixtures when the ceiling is flat.but If it is tilted, which will be more challenging. Therefore, you must ensure that the fixture you get has flexible ropes or chains for easy installation. If you choose one with a pole, you’ll want to make sure it swivels so you can hang it straight.

10. Of course, make sure it’s attractive!

Of course, make sure it’s attractive!

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As always, we need to think about functionality first and aesthetics second. However, we also need to consider the aesthetics of the lamp. If you want it to be the highlight of the space, choose a large chandelier with lots of details. But if you want your restaurant’s backdrop or other features to be the center of attraction, choose simpler lighting to enhance your space. Others get fixtures that look like mobile phones or something truly artistic.Whatever you choose, make sure it looks very attractiveinviting and add beauty to your dining area.

Choosing the perfect dining room lighting fixtures doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can even be fun to do it! One big factor you can consider when choosing is your personal taste. Some homeowners fall so in love with a certain fixture that they purchase it before the dining room table. Afterwards, they will design the space based on lighting fixtures. While considering all the things we mentioned above, choose a fixture that you really like. This way, you’ll get your money’s worth!You can also get more tips How to get good restaurant lighting Make sure your space looks completely inviting.

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