15 Timeless Living Room Color Schemes You’ll Love

1. Dark cyan + white + sunshine yellow

Dark cyan + white + sunshine yellow

old brand new The color scheme of the living room features dark teal walls. Teal is the best color for living room walls when it comes to creating a focal point for an open-plan space.

The white tones down the dark teal so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Consider using patterned furniture and soft accents in your favorite colors to inject personality into the space.

2. Beige + navy velvet

Beige+Navy Velvet(1)

Beige and navy are a modern two-tone combination that exudes elegance and formality. Beige provides a calm, neutral background that highlights the rest of the color palette.

Susan Ann Includes navy velvet upholstery to match the focal wall and coordinate the design. Using mirrors to decorate dark walls will introduce textural details, spark interest, and make your living room appear larger.

3. Bright color + white shadow + pattern

Bright color + white shadow + pattern

Anthony Baratta Design with a bright living room color palette by applying sharp symmetry. His rooms are both striking and balanced.

Choose a few complementary color palettes to work with.How many are there in a living room? Similar colors Looks more flattering than a single color scheme.

4. Hicks Blue + Gold + White

Hicks blue+gold+white

Hicks Blue is a bold color choice that injects energy and drama into a living room color scheme. Furniture provided by Anna Use gold accents on light fixtures, throw pillows and curtain rods to contrast with the blue walls.

Gold living room decoration creates a rich and comfortable feeling in a compact space. White ceilings and trim brighten the living room’s color scheme while balancing contrast.

5. Green + Brown + Jute Tone

green + brown + jute shades

A green and brown living room palette presents a harmonious and natural aesthetic. Carson Downing Capture the earthy tones of leather and brown upholstery, contrasted with a green two-tone paneled wall.

Use this color combination to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Add natural materials like jute, ceramics, plants, and artwork to enhance the organic feel and tie in with the theme.

6. Natural stone + warm gray + light wood color

Natural stone + warm gray + light wood color

Jenny Butler A modern and fresh look was achieved in this barn interior using a simple color palette. Warm gray walls and furniture provide a soothing backdrop that highlights other colors and textures in the vast space.

Oak ceiling beams, center table, and log stack walls infuse the space with warmth and nostalgia. Natural stone colored flooring is a practical, durable and versatile option for any modern interior.

7. Classic blue + white + soft red

Classic blue + white + soft red

Named the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year, Classic Blue is popular for its refined and sophisticated appearance. This is a timeless color that suits a variety of living room decor colors and design styles. Avissa Use white and soft red accents to give the space a modern and elegant look.

8. Navy blue + cool gray + green

Navy Blue + Cool Gray + Green Accents

Tracey Connell’s Transitional living room designs include dark and neutral tones to create depth and contrast. Since cool gray has predominately blue undertones, the color blends seamlessly with most blue tones.

Decorate with warm metals like gold or brass to make a gray living space cozy. Black, white and dark greens also blend well with blues and neutrals.

9. White + matte + brown

White + no black + brown

Larry Use white in this farmhouse living room interior as a canvas for other elements to stand out. It makes the space look super sophisticated and modern.

A black feature wall brings a moody feel to the living room, contrasting with the bright and airy white interior. Oak floors and tan accents enhance the modern look while retaining a folk feel.

10. Magenta + olive green

magenta + olive green

When designing a modern living room decor design, consider using bold finishes and collectibles to create an inviting atmosphere.

Jessica Use magenta wallpaper in this mid-modern living room design for a minimalist makeover. She mixed different patterns in the same hue to enhance this maximalist effect.

The large olive green sofa is a rich centerpiece that also provides comfort for family time together.

11. Milk white + black + soft gray

Milk white + black + soft gray

Creamy living room wall color provides the perfect balance of light without making it feel cold and cold. Black and gray are popular furniture colors that inspire striking contrast.

Gibson Kimpel interior combine these achromatic Add style and elegance to this design. Add large elements, such as oversized artwork and decor, to provide focal points within a neutral color scheme.

12. Orange + green shades

Orange + green shades

Warm colors like red and orange energize living room designs and promote social interaction. Justina Try using textural elements from mixed cultures to create a stimulating space.

Accessories in contrasting colors can also add pizzazz and create an eclectic living area. Notice how vibrant the greenery looks against the persimmon wall and velvet footstools.

13. Essex green + white + dark brown

Essex green+white+dark brown

Essex Green is a rich living room wall color with a traditional forest look. Use a white ceiling to dilute the dark walls to make the atmosphere feel more spacious and welcoming.

Melina A dark brown leather sofa is used to bring a warm, classic touch to the color palette. Coordinate with the living room color scheme with photos, artwork and decorative items such as vases in shades of green and white.

14. Hague Blue + Cream + Brown

Hague blue+cream+brown

Dee Choose a neutral color palette to highlight the textures within it Bohemian style living room design. Hague Blue gives a sense of visual calm and a sense of calm and tranquility.

Patterned and textured materials such as rattan, sisal and wool enhance the casual, relaxed bohemian vibe. Light brown furniture and decor are also characteristic of this interior design style.

15. Earth color + white + light gray

Earth tones + white + light gray

The earthy tones in this colorful modern living room create a pleasantly calm atmosphere throughout the space. Anushka’s Earth tones include soft creams, off-whites, earthy greens, soft blues and oak.

Earthy living room color combinations create a sophisticated yet inviting lounge where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Color blocking is also a great way to add drama and brighten up neutral tones.

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