20 beautiful restaurants with plain carpets

Most people enjoy adding rugs and rugs to their homes—either for functional or decorative purposes. While finding your next rug store is easy, picking out the right rug for your home is another thing to worry about. But don’t worry, because your handy-dandy rug store salesperson will be more than eager to help you!

Below is a list of 20 beautiful dining rooms with plain rugs that we all know are similar to other lists we’ve posted recently. This list pretty much covers our needs for those plain rugs that just need to be picked out and added to our dining space – the sooner the better! Let’s go ahead and start choosing the ones we like in this list, without having to pick one for our house in the first place.

1. Claremont whole house decoration

Claremont Overall

Terracotta Warriors and Horses Design and Construction

Let’s start this list with a stunning restaurant by Terracotta Design. In this photo we see a beautiful space with white as a decorative color and they added it to everything here. The wooden furniture and floors look so much nicer against all the white you see here – don’t you just love it? Notice they used a natural woven rug in this dining space and it looks great!

2. Country Club Show Room

Club sample room

Ashley Campbell Interior Design

Gray looks really great in this dining space. Clearly everything here looks like they definitely wanted gray as the main color; I think they definitely wanted to achieve a modern space that would look great paired with white – which is basically every color on the color wheel, Right?

3. Danalda Residence Hotel

Danalda Residence

Von Fitz Design

The beautiful dining room chairs in this space are definitely something purple people will love! They paired it with chairs and an area rug and they looked great! I think with such a big space, it shouldn’t be a problem to gather people here.

4. Crocus Hill

crocus hill

Charlie Design Ltd.

I absolutely love the chandelier seen here – the color looks incredible and the color somehow complements the other blue tones seen in the rug. Crocus Hill shows us that we can definitely make a restaurant beautiful, even if the space is small.

5. Tully

Kelmore Tully

Jane Lockhart Interior Design

Check out this version of the rug in Jane Lockhart’s home. You may notice that it is velvet and has a print on the middle part of the rug – this is as close to a plain rug as you may come across – it is basically plain but has an embossed section that looks like a print .

6. Leach House

Leach Residences

freestyle interior design

This is another version of the woven rugs commonly found on the market today. Many people are actually considering this design because it looks earthy and adds just the right amount of earthiness that your space may actually need. If you notice, this space is actually modern, all those black, white, and mocha colors look even better because of the woven rug.

7. Rossi’s House

Rosie's House

Photography by Tom Grimes

This is another style or design of a woven rug that I think looks incredible even though it’s actually simple. I can’t say that the previous one and this one are woven the same as the other one, but I think they are almost the same material, just different colors.

8. San Juan Capistrano’s Dramatic Transformation

capistrano drama

orange coast interior design

I think this might be the cutest rug on this list, not only because it’s black, but because it looks really great against the dining room chairs. Take a closer look at the entire space so you can fully appreciate what’s inside this beautiful dining space!

9. Scarborough House

Scarborough Villa

Collection of interior decoration

I love the actual look of the dining room chairs; they don’t look like they are made of 100% wood, but they certainly look like they are because they look incredible. The color of the table and chairs combined with the color of the floor somehow sandwich the green and gray area of ​​the rug.

10. Vivianda Alaba

Vivianda Alaba

Sube Susaeta Interiorism

The contrast of materials used in this dining room looks incredible; black, white and light brown look stunning against each other. The wall shelves do need some love, but the space is truly perfect!

11. Woodland Manor

Philip Jenn

Philip Jennings Custom Homes

With beautiful and large house inspiration like this, it’s really easy to create your own collage or photo collection of your dream home. If you notice, this home has a very large space and was really thought of with foot traffic in mind. This space was decorated with great furniture and I think it looks absolutely stunning!

12. Orange County Home

Oher Fisher

Nate Fisher Interiors

This Orange County home dining room looks amazing! Great furniture and decor to see here, it actually looks a bit vintage – especially the black buffet table and that big gray vase. Friends, what do you think of this space?

13. Orchard

MAL Orchard

Michael Abrams Ltd.

Michael Abrams always gives us a sense of admiration for their project designs. Looking at their work, I discovered that sophistication can really make a difference when it comes to home design, especially interior design. For example, seeing this dining room, I can tell how elegant this space is even though there are only a few small things in it.

14. Sherwood

Uncle Fa

begland rapid design co., ltd.

Did you notice the yellowish feel in the dining and kitchen areas, and a hint of purple in the living area? I think with this open concept you can easily appreciate the colors and design approach presented by the design as well as what the homeowner originally wanted.

15. Hideaway Hotel West Vancouver

Vancouver retreat

Tianqiang Construction Co., Ltd.

The color of the area rug does look very similar to the color of the dining room chairs. This kind of setting or arrangement works especially well when you have something else that contrasts with it—for example, in this photo, the area rug and dining room chairs contrast with the dark floor.

16. McLean Transition

mclean transition

Fuma Design

I’m a little confused about the layout of this dining room – especially since I can’t really see the entire floor plan or layout of this house, but I think this home adds a nice dining room set and chose one with their rug in a contrasting color .

17. Dublin

kelmore dublin

Jane Lockhart Interior Design

I love the look of this restaurant, just like in the photo, because it has an archway that welcomes you into it. The contrast of the wainscoting on the walls and the different shades of white and brown make this space very lovely while looking regal and elegant at the same time.

18. Kalorama Apartments

Kalorama Flatt

Fuma Design

I have seen this restaurant several times and I can say that Forma Design always makes me want to check out their website and see their work. Look at how beautiful the chairs are, and that amazing table and unique little stools – can you say you see beautiful dining room settings like this every day?

19. Casual Contemporary

CC Ashley

Ashley Campbell Interior Design

I don’t know if you really like furniture sets with wicker chairs for the interior of the house – because most often the designs and styles of these chairs are usually found on the exterior of the house – for example on terraces and swimming pool areas. In addition to the cool chairs, check out the area rug, it looks really fun and soft!

20. Arbutus Lake House Inn

MAC Renault

MAC Decoration Co., Ltd.

When you use contrast within your home, furniture, decor, and the entire space actually looks prettier and more elegant! Don’t you agree? Looking at the way contrast works its magic in this home, I think the design on the wall will look incredible too!

That wraps up our list of cool dining rooms, showing us beautiful rugs – even though they’re simple, they really add beauty to our spaces, whether it’s in our living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, or even in our bathrooms inside!This list of 20 beautiful restaurants with plain carpets goes hand in hand with our previous list of 15 Kitchen Area Rug Designs They all look beautiful!

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