20 modern restaurants with wooden chairs

You may have seen a listing on Home Design Enthusiast showing a dining room set with a wooden dining room set, but what we are listing today is a listing for a set that actually has wood chairs, but may have a wood table, Or maybe not. Of course, we all know that you can pair wooden chairs with glass tables or even steel or other materials. This might mean that the table and chairs weren’t put together when you bought them, but you know they match perfectly.

There are some combinations here that may catch your attention and others that may catch you off guard, and of course both furniture design and material selection depend on the buyer (of said furniture) and the homeowner who uses them in their own rooms . home. Check out the list below and see for yourself all the possible combinations you can have in your home!

1. Floor A-131

131 house

airey studio

I included this photo as the main photo for this listing because it is so beautiful and sophisticated. Look at how beautiful this whole house and everything in it is – you should check out Ere Studio’s website. To me, the stunning chandelier here is probably one of the most interesting fixtures in this restaurant – apart from the dining room setting of course!

2. Asia Apartments

Asia Apartments

Dida Home Page

It seems to me that the blue trim on top of the table is just something added to the photo – photoshopped or something. Well, I guess that’s okay, but apparently, the space doesn’t really need it to be there because the space itself is already stunning. Look how cute the chairs are; how cool the dining table and buffet table are!

3. Estuary housing

bayou residence

Content architecture

I know the design of the chair in this photo has become somewhat common – but whether it’s actually common or not, we all know how pretty it is – especially against the white walls and furniture surrounding it; such a beauty, who What if you can’t have a wonderful experience eating at home?

4. Bellarine Beach House

Bellarine Beach

Bauer Architects

If you really take a look at this wonderful dining room, you’ll notice that most of the space is made of wood. Even better, the colors of the wood and wood finish match each other, making it look like it actually came from the same place; I absolutely love this space, it’s so zen!

5. Chicago Mansion

RDK design

RDK design

The furniture seen in this space is very interesting and beautiful. The color of the wood seems unnatural to me, but compared to all the light colors around it, it seems adequate. There are lots of glass windows, which is perfect for looking at other buildings and the night sky!

6. Contemporary Homes in Tulse Hill

tuls mountain

Anita Byrne | Photography by Gregory Davis

Look at the textures and lines now in this photo – this dining room is not only beautiful but also very interesting. I thought it needed a bit of contrast with the color, but the lights above the table seemed to mask it.

7. National affairs

rural affairs

Bulthaup Kitchen Architecture

This open plan space is very interesting to me – it does have enough coverage for foot traffic, lighting – passive and otherwise, which makes this house save a few bucks on electricity; the layout of the space It’s so simple, I think it’s enough to make you want to own this house for yourself.

8. Devon House

Devon Homes

Photography by Colin Caddell

Seeing such beautiful scenery every day, I feel really comfortable and calm eating in this dining space. Seeing such a beautiful view in the morning can really brighten up your day!

9. Foxbourne Road

Foxbourne Road

triple architect

The chair design in this simple and minimalist space is probably one of the most interesting and modern chairs on this list. The design looks simple but is really attractive!

10. Glen Ellis Residence Hotel

Ellis Residence Hotel

Western Valentine’s Day Design

A chair design like this, where you pair wood with steel and try to make it as industrial as possible, somehow ends up being mid-century, but it still looks good. At first glance, I even thought this chair could pass for the chair we used in elementary school!

11. Gold Coast Apartments 2

Coast Kang

Photography by Marcel Page

If you’ve been following our lists here at Home Design Lovers, you’ll know that we’ve featured this one before in one of our lists, and I’m excited to share it again because it’s The design is too simple it has, but it looks really attractive and fun!

12. Hope Midlothian Hotel

hope midlothian

Ikosis Architects

From this perspective, I think the kitchen island is too big, but that might just be because of the way the photo was actually taken. If you notice, the armchair also looks comfortable and neat – with a large glass window or wall like this, lighting will certainly never be an issue.

13. Loft Hotel Berlin Mitte

lux interior design

berlin loux interior design

When I saw this dining room set, I really liked the big table because it can accommodate a lot of people and eating at home with a big family looks fun and attractive. This home is really big too, and most lofts aren’t that big; very interesting stuff.

14. Pony wall with pillars

Lamorinda Disadvantages

La Morinda Construction & Consulting Company

This large dining room looks very plain and cozy. The choice of chairs, flooring and decor makes this restaurant look and feel like a cozy café in the city. Granted, the space seems to have very little decor around the dining table and whatnot – but it does look great!

15. Robin Road

Robin Luther xx

R Brandt Design

What are your thoughts on dining room chair design? I think the details are simple but look very nice and neat. If you notice, this dining room is mostly white, but there is exposed wood on the chairs, which adds to the beauty of the space; this dining room also has a stunning chandelier that matches the decorative fireplace .

16. Rostil House

Rostil Ho

BG architecture

This table is great – it seats ten, which means you can have more company while dining; and since the kitchen area is so close, it means others can sit with you too!

17. Rush Mountain Road

chartered architect

Granite Chartered Architects

I love that this kitchen has enough lighting because this is the one area of ​​the house that needs so much light and it helps kill germs around it. The white walls, gray table and kitchen bar look really mesmerizing and very modern! People want this color combination and design in their homes!

18. Talbot Road

lipton factory

Lipton Factory Architect

If this is what walking around the kitchen is all about – well, I think I’d like to spend all day here! Cooking may not be something you’re good at, but if you have a kitchen like this, you might consider learning as much as you can so you can actually use that beautiful kitchen you have!

19. Kingsway


This restaurant looks really elegant, it’s crazy. It’s a contemporary space that also coined a term for it – previously, there was a phase in home design where luxury homes usually referred to more French or avant-garde homes. do you agree?

20. Vancouver Contemporary

Carsten Arnold

Well, this is a beautiful dining space! The table and chair combination is made of wood—at least mostly, since the dining table has a unique top. I can’t say exactly what material it is made of, but it still looks incredible and matches the entire room perfectly.

I never thought I’d be able to complete a list as good as this, but I’m sure the space we present to you here is both engaging and engaging. 20 Modern Restaurants with Wooden Chairs Like a Reply 21 Beautiful Wooden Tableware in Different Designs I think it would be great if you could actually check it out!

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