22 restaurants with wooden floors

Are you looking for restaurant design inspiration? Or are you looking for ideas on what to use for dining area flooring?

The truth is, there are plenty of options, but what is the perfect flooring for your space? Is wood suitable for your home interior?

Wood is one of the most widely used materials and surprisingly it can be used for anything and anywhere in the house, from furniture to ceilings. Yes, it is also a great material for home flooring.

To clear up any doubts about whether wood is best for your dining area, today we’re going to take a look at dining rooms that use wood flooring. The restaurants have different designs from modern to traditional. Well, that’s right. You’ll also get ideas on how to design the space to your liking.

But that’s not all!

you may even learn How to arrange dining room furniture Depending on the size and shape of your space, based on the images we’ll share below.

what are you waiting for?

Scroll down and see what we’ve put together for you.

1. Addison Grove

addison grove

Earthwood Custom Remodeling Company

Wooden flooring can create a soft effect in a dining area, especially if the table setting is stylish and glossy. Wood also looks great paired with brick walls.

2. Streatham


lambert and sons ltd.

Featured here is a two-tone transitional kitchen/dining room combo with mid-tone hardwood flooring. This area connects directly to the backyard of the house. Wouldn’t it be great to have a space like this?

3. South Beach Home, Connecticut

south beach homes connecticut

Allee Architecture + Design

A simple yet striking dining space with a large woven wicker lampshade accenting the snow wall. White Tolix chairs stand out against polished wooden floors and reclaimed wood tables. Reclaimed wood can be used for other things besides tables!See how it can beautify your restaurant here.

4.Armstrong-Exotic Hardwood

Armstrong - Exotic Hardwood

Lonsdale Flooring Ltd.

With the use of white walls and dark hardwood floors, the dining area exudes elegance! Console tables also add appeal to the area, especially these beautifully arranged ones.Before you continue, learn how to clean hardwood floors this post.

5.Wooden floor

wooden floor

chicago flooring innovations

like what We have recommended it beforethis dining area uses wooden dining tables and chairs that complement the architecture of the house.

6. Lido Island Phase 1

Lido Island Phase 1

black belt design

Mountain style dining room design with mid toned hardwood floors. The use of white walls and wooden furniture completes the look of the space.

7. Contemporary Mountain Cabin

Contemporary mountain cabin

handel house

Beige, tan and ivory colors are perfect for this dining area, especially paired with light and dark woods. The wood flooring in this area is a perfect contrast to the decor.

8. Mohawk Flooring Gallery

Mohawk Flooring Gallery

Jack’s rug

This eclectic little enclosed dining room will give you a forest feel as it features leaf wallpaper that pairs perfectly with dark hardwood floors. It would also be nice to have real plants in there.

9. Royalton Hotel – the perfect fusion of classic and modern design

Royalton Hotel - the perfect fusion of classic and modern design

Liang Clifton Design Workshop

The house has light-colored wood for the floors, which perfectly matches the white walls and ceilings. It looks brighter thanks to the natural light coming in through the glass windows.

10. A house with a zipper

house with zipper

CG&S Design-Build

Isn’t this a nice interior? I love how the wood blends with other textures and how they used different wood textures here. Also, another thing that makes this space beautiful is the lighting. To ensure your restaurant has good lighting, Check out our tips.

11. Calabasas Project

Calabasas Project

caisson studio

Are you looking for a large modern restaurant design inspiration? This interior with white walls, dark hardwood floors, a standard fireplace, and a tiled fireplace surround may be what you’re looking for.

12. Edina House

edina house

Christian Dean Construction Ltd.

As we can see in the images, the homeowners can see the backyard from the dining room through floor-to-ceiling aluminum windows and sliding doors. This also brings natural light into the home, hitting everything from the dining table to the wooden floors.

13. Mar Vista Modern Hotel

Mar Vista Modern Hotel

Southland Building and Renovation

This space with beige walls and mid-toned hardwood floors is something fans of modern minimalism will love. In addition to using wood, I also like the idea of ​​using a black steel staircase and of course the raw wood trim underneath!

14. 1512 Dolphin Terrace

1512 Dolphin Terrace

spinnaker development

When your dining area becomes more casual, it doesn’t mean you have to lose all of your charm. The secret is to strike a balance between elegant features and everyday items, such as a delicate chandelier mixed with natural wood tables.

15. New Orleans Cabin

new orleans cabin

Highland Homes

This is a mid-sized traditional kitchen/dining room combo concept with white walls and dark hardwood floors. Chairs with large nailheads add appeal to the space.

16. Federal Highlands Transformation

Federal Highlands Transformation

instill design

anything with Combination of wood and white It’s easy to fall in love. Even this simple dining area is no exception!

17. Beautiful beaches

beautiful beach

Marrokal Design & Renovation

Seen here is a large coastal dining room with mid-toned hardwood floors and beige walls. What I love about this space is the framed clothing, which clearly has sentimental value to the owner.There are many other ways to decorate walls, such as combining different mediums Heart-themed wall decoration.

18. Modern Road Stables

modern road stables

Luxurious interior international

Isn’t this a beautiful dining area? Indeed! The wood flooring used here looks like walnut flooring and contrasts nicely with the white walls and ceramic floor tiles used in the rest of the home.

19. Three rounds

Three rounds

Phil Keen Design Group

like Villa No. 334, this contemporary residence features clean lines and extensive detailing as well as a combination of wood and concrete. There are many attractive focal points inside, including this dining area.

20. Lair

bird's nest

West Coswick Hardwood Flooring

Getting a wood look will bring more value to your home. It is said that if you are reselling your home soon, it is a good idea to use wood as this is what buyers are looking for when purchasing a home.

21. Peninsula Point

peninsula point

black belt design

Another space from Black Band Design, like the previous entry, it has a similar beach vibe.This way you can see more of the dining area here.

22. Moncada Residence Hotel

Moncada Residence Hotel

John Lin Architects AIA

The flooring in this restaurant is Brazilian cherry wood and it looks really lovely. It’s neat and shiny, bringing a sense of sophistication to the space.

It’s always nice though Define dining area with rug, you can still see the impact of wood throughout the interior. Thanks to the use of wood – whatever its hue – the dining space above is given a warmer and more inviting feel. Of course, you can feel this as you browse through the images. Wood is indeed a widely used material, not only for furniture but also in other areas of the home interior.But if you don’t like wood, you can actually use tiles Various designs and even solid colors. Well, you can use any restaurant flooring you want as long as it suits you and fits your interior design. Come back to Home Design Lovers for more dining room design inspiration!

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