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Stress is the number one enemy of office workers around the world, whether onsite or working from home, as it can negatively impact productivity. A work-from-home setup eliminates the hassle of traveling to the office, thereby reducing the problems employees may face. But sometimes a work-from-home environment isn’t enough to eliminate or even reduce workplace stress, and one solution is to transform your home office into a calm and peaceful environment for your employees.

Here are five ways to create the perfect home office that is calm and peaceful:

1. Sound insulation of office space

Noise pollution is a big issue for office workers as it affects their concentration and productivity, and home offices are not immune to this unwanted noise. An excellent way to prevent noise pollution is to install soundproofing devices and materials in rooms.

Soundproof access panels are the device that gets the job done, eliminating unnecessary noise in your home office and maintaining peace and tranquility in your office. A Steel flush soundproof door is an acoustic access panel that gets the job done with added benefits.

2. Adjust lighting in your home office

Adjusting lights is not limited to the position of the light, but also extends to the color and temperature of the light. When adjusting your lighting, place it where most office work occurs.

Calm and peaceful home office 2

As for the color of the lights, use only calming colors to keep the workers’ eyes relaxed and calm. Known relaxing lighting colors are warm yellow and warm orange. These colors are easy on the eye and perfect for a calm and peaceful home office.

3. Location of the Ministry of the Interior

An employee’s workflow in a home office will depend on where the office is located within the house. Keeping the things you need nearby eliminates the stress that searching for them can cause, promoting a calm workflow. A good idea is to place the office near essential facilities in the house, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Another good position is near the door so that if someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell, you can respond immediately. The door setup is perfect for those who prefer to use online delivery apps. Peaceful work flow does occur when workers get what is necessary.

4. Color themes for your home office

Just like the lighting, the color theme throughout the office also influences the staff based on sound research. Blue and green are the perfect colors to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in your home office. Both colors have a calming and relaxing effect, allowing you to maintain a relaxed work pace and increase work efficiency.

5. Add “green” to the office

Adding live plants to your home office is the best way to reduce work stress, maintain calm and tranquility, and purify the natural air around you. Low-maintenance plants eliminate the distractions of caring for your plants. These plants include herbs, cacti, and succulents.

final thoughts

Work stress can sometimes be difficult to deal with and can wrongly affect productivity. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce or even eliminate stress by having your own calm and peaceful home office. Follow these five ways to smoothly increase your office productivity.

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