5 Hispanic Interior Designers You Need to Know About COCOCOZY

Meet Mary Liz, a Nebraska-based interior designer who worked in HGTV Magazine. Her pieces are a blend of modern design and vintage style. You all know I love gallery walls. It doesn’t matter where the gallery wall is. It can be in the living room, kitchen or bedroom.when i stumbled upon her bedroom Instagram It inspires me. Gallery walls are one of the most underrated techniques for enhancing a room.They are all unique and tell different stories (see my COCOCOZY design house Compare this to another gallery wall design project). Mary’s bedroom features a gallery wall that ties the entire room together, adding character and charm. It balances modern style with hints of vintage decor. Her designs are elegant and chic without being overpowering.
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This living room features a teal sofa and playful patterns.

Meet Stephanie Watkins, a Maryland-based interior designer and blogger. Her designs feature bright colors and a bohemian style. What started as a creative pipeline turned into a business.She created a home decor collection called @casawatkins Her designs have been featured in publications including HGTV, Southern Living, and Pioneer Woman. Stephanie’s design style is influenced by different cultures, which she brings into her home.

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Wilson’s designs are unique Art and abstract furniture.

Meet Ezz Wilson, a Portland-based interior and photo stylist who blends beauty with comfort. Wilson’s style is a combination of bohemian, modern and traditional designs. She makes beautiful spaces comfortable yet stylish by adding texture and neutral tones. Taking a holistic approach, Wilson incorporated Ayurveda into her designs to create an oasis within the space.

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His restaurant design was inspired by his bellair project.

Meet César Giraldo, a California interior designer who designs spaces inspired by his Colombian roots. Cesar is also a good friend of mine. His design style is both modern and full of craftsmanship. Cesar has worked on commercial and residential projects, including celebrity homes. Most recently, he created a collection of outdoor furniture for a Brazilian outdoor living company. Tidley. Medellin Series Its furniture comes in bold colors, inspired by Medellin’s annual flower festival. His collection is a nice change from the natural color palette used in his interior design projects. I like his work. I had dinner at his house a few months ago and fell even more in love with his style. You will see more of his work on the blog and IG. He is working on some major projects now.

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Eric Garcia is a Los Angeles designer who owns a business called House of Troyes. He is inspired by art and culture from around the world. Garcia loves traveling, which helps bring new perspectives to his designs. He has designed both commercial and residential projects for high-profile clients, and Garcia finds the perfect balance of understanding his clients’ needs while adding elements inspired by his extensive travels.

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There are many other great Hispanic designers out there. I am committed to showcasing these diverse perspectives in design year-round – Hispanic Heritage Month has already begun, but I will say that I plan to celebrate designers like the ones mentioned above all year round…every year! I think now is a great time to meet and showcase design talent that is overlooked by traditional design media organizations. Here you’ll find a mix for everyone! Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

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