Bulletin Board Sizes (Standard Home, Office and School Sizes)

Here is our bulletin board size guide, including standard classroom and office cork boards, and the letter sizes required for these wall panels.

Bulletin boards are a must-have in many spaces, including classrooms, offices, and even teenagers’ bedrooms. They serve a variety of purposes, from providing information to making announcements, creating ambience, hanging displays or keeping memos.

They can also serve as learning centers, displaying everything from student work to children’s interests. All in all, these wall displays are one of the most versatile school and office supplies.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect hanging display panel, not the least of which is knowing what size you need to use to achieve its purpose. Fortunately, bulletin board sizes are mostly standard, so choosing the ideal size is easy.

Standard bulletin board size

Standard bulletin board size

Most standard bulletin boards are used in classrooms, which means they are larger than those used in homes.

A typical classroom bulletin board is 7 feet or about 213 centimeters long from side to side and about 4 feet or 122 centimeters high from top to bottom.

Some are also 3 feet or 91 centimeters tall. At the same time, the length from left to right is up to 8 feet, approximately 244 centimeters.

The reason for the larger size is that most are used to display children’s work and ensure that everyone can have their own moment. There is a huge display panel there to ensure that all the works can be displayed at once.

Square bulletin board size

Square bulletin board size

In addition to the larger rectangular bulletin boards commonly used in many classrooms, other square and smaller models are versatile enough to be used anywhere from homes to offices and even restaurants.

They can be frameless, have an unconventional look, and some even have added features like self-healing or natural cork properties, which will extend the life of regular cork products.

Square bulletin boards are available in a variety of sizes, from the smaller 14 x 14 inches to approximately 36 x 36 centimeters.

There is also a medium size of 23 x 23 inches or 58 x 58 cm, perfect for small offices.

For larger square boards, one of the largest dimensions is 48 x 48 inches or approximately 122 x 122 centimeters.

Cork bulletin board dimensions

Cork boards are available in a variety of sizes, meaning there will be the perfect size for all uses.

For example, smaller cork wall panels come in sizes 12 x 18 inches to 18 x 24 inches or 30 x 46 cm to 46 x 61 cm, making them ideal for smaller rooms placed on top of a study table.

In contrast, there are smaller cork display racks available in sizes 2 x 2 ft to 2 x 4 ft or 61 x 61 cm to 61 x 122 cm, suitable for office use regardless of size.

Available in larger sizes from 3 x 3 feet to 4 x 8 feet or 91 x 91 cm to approximately 122 x 244 cm.

Classroom bulletin board size

Not all siding is created equal, especially considering the many uses they may have. There is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect product, from its material to whether one wants a mix of white and cork boards to make it writable.

Bulletin boards for classroom use can range in size from a minimum of 18 x 24 inches to approximately 46 x 61 centimeters.

There are some custom-made products that run the length of an entire wall – often, something this large requires a specific use, such as an art room.

Standard size classroom bulletin board

Standard classroom bulletin board size

There are no set sizes for classroom boards as many sizes can suit different needs for a particular board, so to make your search easier your best option is to check out the range of sizes available.

One of the common features of most bulletin boards used in schools is that they are larger than the regular bulletin boards commonly found in homes and even offices.

Some are approximately 7 feet or 213 centimeters long from side to side, while longer ones can extend to 8 feet or approximately 244 centimeters.

To match this length, its height is usually 3 to 4 feet or about 91 to 122 centimeters, depending on the specific species.

Office Size Notice Board

Office bulletin board size

Some office bulletin boards measure 12 x 18 inches or approximately 30 x 46 centimeters. There are also slightly larger ones, measuring 24 x 36 inches, approximately 61 to 91 cm.

bulletin board for office space They are characterized by their smaller size compared to those used in schools, as they usually have smaller features and are often nailed on table Comes with wooden frame.

Some standard things pinned to it might be receipts, notifications, or sticky notes with meeting reminders, but that’s about it. This means that smaller pin notification types are more common than larger notification types.

What are the size of letters on a bulletin board?

The letter or font size required for a bulletin board depends on the size of the bulletin board itself and the information printed on it that is intended to be read.

For board lettering that grabs the audience’s attention, a font size of 3.5 to 4.5 inches or about 9 to 11 centimeters is the best solution. For letter-size paper, the height is up to 11 inches or about 28 centimeters.

This rule is to ensure that the letters can be read from a distance, even for viewers viewing the blackboard from a distance. However, this is just to attract attention.

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