From country style to modern style


1. Autumn storage and organization The bathroom is much smaller than other rooms in the home. So this means that your accessories need to serve a purpose. Do they provide storage space? Are they organizing your beauty products?Clear counter clutter and replace it with mason jars, wicker baskets and drawers for fall storage Beauty essentials. … Read more

40 Great Bathroom Design Concepts and Tips to Help You Decorate Your Bathroom

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The bathroom has transcended its traditional role as a purely functional space and evolved into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation. As people increasingly seek solace from the hectic pace of modern life, expectations for modern bathrooms have shifted toward a blend of luxury amenities and chic design. Embrace this paradigm shift as we embark … Read more

11 dreamy black and white bathrooms


Looking for new bathroom inspiration? Here are 11 fantastic black and white bathrooms that I love. The black and white look is one of my favorite styles when it comes to designing a bathroom. After designing my black and white bathroom, I decided to share some of my favorite bathrooms that use a classic color … Read more

15 Summer Beauty Items Worth Stocking Up This Summer


The first step to a healthy summer glow is finding the perfect cleanser. It’s important to use a cleanser that removes all makeup without over-exfoliating. When applying makeup, it removes dirt and dead skin cells and helps improve skin texture. Moisturizer is arguably the most important step in your skincare routine. It prevents wrinkles and … Read more

Retro style white marble bathroom COCOCOZY


The best and most affordable way to incorporate vintage accessories into your home design is to attend yard sales, estate sales, garage sales, etc. I always love finding vintage accessories. Sometimes it can take weeks or even months to find something you love and want to have in your home. You can even take a … Read more