Decorate 20 restaurants with printed carpets

Decorating your space with an area rug can make or break your space because we all know people love beautiful things, but not all of those beautiful things overlap with each other to create some kind of complete block of beauty! Choosing the right area rug for your dining room can be as tricky as choosing which dining room set you want to use, making sure you do so carefully may save you money and effort.

Today you will see some dining room photos that may pique your interest because of the dining room set selections they have and especially the actual sitting area rugs they selected for their dining room sets. See the incredible list below and decide how you want to actually decorate your dining room floor!

1. 101 West 87th Street

87th Street

legal person

Talk about print – we saw that this dining room is actually filled with print. Printed walls look really nice and complement the white and blue area rugs. Look how the cushions on the chairs match too!

2. Abbott Lake House

Abbott Lakehouse

begland rapid design co., ltd.

I know the dining area is a little far from the ideal spot where we can clearly see the area rug, but from this angle we can really see the plaid design of the area rug, which looks really great against the white dining room chairs.

3. Alps

Alpine transformation

Ashley Campbell Interior Design

I love the pictures of owls on the wall that are actually in the center of the large dining room table. That’s the amazing thing about square dining tables, because they can actually accommodate more chairs than you actually expect. With the gray chairs and brown table, the blue area rug definitely stands out in this photo!

4. Astor

astor street

Michael Abrams Ltd.

We should know by now that Michael Abrams’ Space is actually pretty good. In this dining space we can see a large round table that seats eight people, possibly more if they used smaller dining room chairs. This area rug looks somewhat related because of the circular pattern on it.

5. Rabbit Run

Rabbit Run BR

BF Home Co., Ltd.

This restaurant is my real favorite place on this list. The way the interior is arranged and the furniture they chose looks incredible and is actually quite expensive. I love the elegance of this space and it makes everything in it stand out.

6. Guangzhou

Helen Pieteau

Helen Pitt Interior Design Ltd.

What do you think of elegant prints on area rugs? It looks simple, but then again, you can see how rich it makes the space and how it accentuates the black and white dining room setting. The way the traffic flow in this space is designed is simple but ultimately works well for the space.

7. Casual contemporary

casual modern

Ashley Campbell Interior Design

What an elegant way to decorate a restaurant! By choosing the right dining room set or even the right buffet table, it can make a big difference! The choice of area rug for this dining space is wonderful and interesting. Did you notice how random the prints on this rug are?

8. Chippendale Penthouse 2

Chippendale Penthouse

De Cruz Design Group

Well, here’s an easy way to make your dining room more elegant and interesting – add a bunch of frames to your plain walls and add fur to your dining room chairs! This room would look pretty plain without the things I just mentioned, don’t you agree?

9. Contemporary Mountain Cabin

Mountain Hut ML

handel house

The ceiling above the long dining table features a candle chandelier and an animal print rug. This long dining room feels a bit wild due to the rug and the color palette used here. Note that there are several doors on either side of this space, allowing for easy light and ventilation!

10. Gresham Park Residences

Gresham Park

Leah Atkins Design LLC

The geometric print rug really stands out in this dining room! Notice that it’s basically the only colorful part of the space, and it looks really nice. The chandelier in the middle of the room looks fun and cool and I think if it were bronze it would actually look perfect!

11. East Cobb Paper Mill Estate

paper mill east

Kristin Drohan Collection & Interior Design

This stunning black and white dining room is perfect! I love every piece of furniture and lighting in this space, even the rug, it actually looks really nice. Some black and white spaces can seem tacky, but this one is different – it’s actually perfect!

12. Pelham Renovation

Pelham Renovation PR

Karen Horton Interior Design

Want a more intimate restaurant? You should check out how this dining room is decorated so you can get some ideas on how to decorate your space if you want to really achieve a traditional and homely space while still being able to keep a space that’s not so cute with something too Too much or too little.

13. Penthouse: Downtown Denver

Denver Downtown AC

Ashley Campbell Interior Design

Having featured this home somewhere before, I should say that this is actually a stunning penthouse with all the right elements that make this space stand out and look so wonderful and incredible! The space may have a small dining space and a smaller table that only seats about five people, but it still looks divine!

14. Prior Lake Custom Homes

prior lake

AMEK Custom Builder

Like stripes? Look at how this restaurant used stripes in its accent wall and their choice of area rugs for the dining table and chairs. Their ghost chairs that match the dining table are perfect for this space.

15. Rich renaissance

Regal Renewal

Ashley Campbell Interior Design

This restaurant has a beautiful bay window that accentuates the interior. Please note that the colors of the interior are neutral and look very charming and regal. Well, there you have it, this restaurant is actually a palatial revival of what a restaurant should be.

16. South Bay

South Bay SB

begland rapid design co., ltd.

I love how striped linens, curtains or rugs can actually extend a space. Like this example, the open space is already very long or even large, so the use of striped carpet adds a bit of length to the space. The white theme on this home is really cute and I think anyone would really love what they did with this home.

17. Spring Apartment

Spring Apartment

sense of construction

We rarely see the rug under the dining table, but we do see the little stripes on it. The colors are really pretty and pairing with the white dining table makes them look great and cool. Across from the dining table is a stunning blue fireplace that I don’t think anyone would want to have in their home!

18. Herbert


Ketteringham builders

The color combination in the interior of this house is not something that everyone will appreciate, but if you are someone who appreciates uniqueness and even eclecticism, I think you will find this place cute and pretty. The multiple pendant lights above the kitchen bar/island are so sweet!

19. Wetherby Lake House

Teresa Dirks

The Art of Theresa Dirks

Look at the white dining table and chairs in this dining room! They paired it with two translucent black ghost chairs and they look divine! Everything here is white, so adding a blue area rug didn’t detract from any possible look this space was going for. The vintage pendant above the table is probably my favorite, what about you?

20. Willoughby Road

willoughby road

Charles Conniff Architects

Finally, the last dining space on this list is the Willoughby Road House by Charles Cunniffe Architects. The colors of the restaurant setting and the carpet blend into each other, and the coolest thing is that the carpet has stripes on it, which makes it more interesting and even irresistible.

Whether it’s an old rug or a new rug you’re using in your dining room, making sure it matches your entire space can be a little tricky, but of course, you can always ask for help online or seek professional help to make sure your home is as beautiful as you want it to be .With that in mind, I want you to take a look at 15 Kitchen Area Rug Designs And tell us what you think of them!

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