Discover Park Avenue Apartments

Get ready to tour stunning Park Avenue apartments in New York City. These modern interiors are mouth-watering and will inspire you to update your home in no time. The color palette is beyond words and every room looks stunning. Plus, every room in this apartment has outfit inspiration that will make you want to attend events in this incredible apartment – or better yet, live in it!

This kitchen is very minimalist. White walls and cabinets are balanced with gold hardware. The color of the stove is perfect. I love the combination options of white, stainless steel, black and gold. A marble backsplash adds beautiful texture, while flowers add the perfect pop of color. I would love to cook in this kitchen.


First, the fashion department has some gorgeous gowns, perfect for an afternoon lunch. The first skirt is a cute fall color that would look great on anyone. I love the overall shape of the sleeves and skirt. The second skirt is a little wilder, with a colorful print. This is a great option for those who like to make bolder fashion choices but still seek an upscale look.

dining room

Now we come to the dining room – one of my favorite rooms in this apartment. First of all, this wallpaper is amazing!


The first dress was a stunning blush tulle fabric covered in floral detailing. The second skirt is a bit simpler and is a wonderful light blue. This simple silhouette is infinitely classic. The addition of slightly puffed lace sleeves adds a touch of style to this dress.

Now onto a super chic and relaxing part of the apartment – this luxurious sitting area. I love the shape and color of this sofa, as well as the added throw pillows. The sunlight in this room is incredible and makes this sofa sparkle. I can imagine entertaining guests in this beautiful space for a cocktail before dinner is ready!

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