Easy and Chic Home Decor 60 Ideas

60 Easy and Chic Home Decor Ideas From Designers We Love

Quick and easy home decor ideas don’t have to look inexpensive when you’re on a budget. If your space is long overdue for a makeover and your schedule is jam-packed, we’re here with ideas that’ll help you transform your home in a way that works for you. You can put the days of feeling overwhelmed as you tweak your budget to fix one area while you neglect the rest behind you.

Every detail matters when you’re giving your home an upgrade. Whether you want to swap the throw pillows on your living room sofa, add an accent wall in your powder room, or install new sconces in your dining room, it all counts toward your home’s overall aesthetic. We tapped interior designers for quick and easy inspiration to refresh every corner of your space. All of these low-lift, inexpensive ideas can be done in a day. We sourced spaces for every design style and size home, so you’ll be able to make an awkward corner into a cozy reading nook or breathe life into a guest room with eye-catching bedding.

Here’s proof you can make an entire space can feel brand new, on-the-pulse yet timeless, and elevated. The best part? You don’t have to hire an expert to tackle these ideas. You’re one swap away from living like the design pros—and the final results will look like they took way longer to pull off.