How big of a bench is needed for a king bed?

Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. If you really think about it, you’ll realize that in your bedroom you do more than just sleep: get dressed, relax, and work in a more modern setting. Therefore, it helps to have a room that can accommodate, in addition to a bed, a closet, and a wardrobe, other activities that you perform in it.

While it may not matter, I love bedroom benches and think they can do you a lot of good. You get extra storage space, something to sit on or put your feet on when changing clothes, and it also adds to the aesthetics of the room, especially if you have a king-size bed.

So, in this article, I will discuss standard bedroom bench sizes for king size beds, along with other important factors to suit your needs.

Standard Bench Dimensions for King Size Beds

Standard Bench Dimensions for King Size Beds

While there are no standard sizes for benches at the end of the bed, designers have a rule of thumb that can help you choose the right size. Generally speaking, you should Choose a bench that is no wider than your bed.

A good rule of thumb is to find a bench 3/4 as wide as your bed. People might think of a size of 40-50 inches, but the awkward position at the end of the bed would make people frown.

Most designers recommend a minimum width of 60 inches, but you can go wider than that. Remember: Never choose a bench that is wider than your bed, as there should be 6-8 inches of space on the sides. Therefore, for a king-size mattress, it is best to use a bench that is 60-70 inches wide.

definition bed size Much easier than defining bench dimensions. This is because bed sizes are more standardized than typically any other piece of furniture.

There are four common bed sizes: twin, double, queen, and king. A king-size bed is typically 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, or vice versa.

However, these dimensions are for a mattress and the actual bed frame may add a few inches to the overall size. Therefore, before purchasing furniture, be sure to choose a frame to ensure you have the best size.

Start by choosing a focal point for your decorating scheme. In the master bedroom, you start with the bed. Start with the largest piece and work from there. – Carina Russell, Interior Designer – Log Home Design Magazine

Queen bed stool size

Queen bed stool size

Finding the right end of a bed stool for a queen bed is no different than finding the right size for a king bed.

When looking for a bench for your queen bed, still follow the 3/4 rule, but note that a queen-size bed is much smaller than a king-size bed.

A king bed measures 76 inches by 80 inches, while a queen bed typically measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Therefore, choosing the same bench for your king size bed and placing it at the end of the queen size bed will not have good results as it does not follow aesthetic rules.

If the width is 60 inches, the width of a standard queen bed stool is approximately 40-50 inches, with the average width being 45 inches. This width works because it still leaves some space on the sides of the frame, giving your bedroom a nice look.

How deep should the bed stool be?

Now, the standard sizes for king and queen beds we’re talking about are mostly appropriate widths that adhere to aesthetic rules.

However, there are other dimensions to consider when choosing which bed stool end. One of the most important dimensions is the depth of the seat.

Make it your second priority after width as it may take up space in your bedroom. Therefore, you must also choose the right bench depth based on the size of your room.

A good rule of thumb is that if your room is fairly small, you should also choose the narrow end of the bed stool.

We say narrow because most furniture designers these days adjust the depth of the bench to its width to make everything look more streamlined. Depending on the size of the gap on either side of the bed, you will also have to adjust your depth selection.

How high is the bench at the end of the bed?

Master bedroom with indirect lighting tray ceiling platform bed bench

This measurement has the lowest priority because aesthetic rules are much more relaxed on this measurement. The rule of thumb for this size is that the bench should be no higher than your bed. However, you have some freedom to break this rule, as long as it’s within reason.

Obviously, you shouldn’t choose a bench that’s a few inches higher than your bed, as that will look awkward. You can choose a seat of the same height, but a slightly lower one is best.

There is a caveat though, as this depends on whether your frame has footpegs or not.For the bed there is foot pedal, most people prefer a bench without backboards. For a bed without a footrest, most people prefer a bench with a backrest.

Now, some people pair their beds with footboards, benches, and backboards, and depending on their choices, it can go very well or very wrong, so choose wisely!

Why put the seat at the end of the bed?

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Placing a bench or ottoman at the end of the bed isn’t just for looks, it also serves a purpose. Their features can benefit you too. One is that they help you with everyday tasks, such as putting on shoes or socks. Another great use for end of bed benches is that they provide extra storage space, whether they are decorative pillows or just some boxes you don’t want to see.

You can use it to relax and read when you don’t use it to sit while wearing shoes, or when you don’t want to lie down and fall asleep. Overall, a bedside bench is great for helping you add style to a room and give yourself more space to complete the aforementioned daily activities that require sitting.

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