The 7 best mattresses to buy in 2022COCOCOZY

1. Sapira Hybrid Mattress – Chirpyest 4% cash back

This mattress combines premium cooling and shaping foam for those who need a cool sleep. More than 1,000 pocket springs provide advanced support and stability, providing the perfect balance of firmness and softness for those who prefer something in between.

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2. Aiweifu premium mattress – Chirpyest 4% cash back

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The Airweave mattress is a customizable mattress that can fit anyone’s sleep needs. Its hardness helps relieve back pain. Customers report that it has “no soft spots,” cementing maximum comfort and stability.

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3. LuxeAdapt – Chirpyest 7.5% cash back

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A mattress that conforms to the body and truly supports your back. It has the perfect combination of sturdiness and comfort. Reviewers even mention that it helps with back and hip pain. Ultimate Comfort Tempur-Adapt improves your night’s sleep.

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4. Wave Hybrid Mattress – Chirpyest 3.5% cash back

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The Wave Hybrid mattress offers max+gel pods that lift the lumbar and lower the back for spinal alignment and pain relief. The cool-to-the-touch gel keeps your body at the ideal temperature while you sleep. The mattress features a 3-layer design that prevents sinking and increases airflow.

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5. Tempur Breeze – Chirpyest 7.5% cash back

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For those who sleep particularly hot, the Breeze° mattress is designed to manage the microclimate between the mattress and bedding. The bed creates the perfect temperature for a cool, deep sleep. There are two different versions: Pro and LUXE, with a design that feels cooler than the original version. Better sleep quality is often the result of a cooler environment, which is why this mattress is a best-seller.

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6. Fluffy Lux mattress – Chirpyest 10% cash back

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This mattress features hybrid memory foam with shaping coils to relieve back pain. Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial, which is great for people who want to try out a mattress for a few weeks. This bed offers preference options for partners who require different bed settings.

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7. Intellibed Luxury Medium Mattress – Chirpyest 2% cash back

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Intellibed’s mattresses are eco-friendly and feature an adjustable base for maximum comfort. Some additional benefits include cooling technology and responsive padding. The mattress is expertly engineered with a layer of Serene® comfort quilt between two layers of unique GelMatrixTM for added softness and comfort.

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