Work and Rest: Small Bedroom Office Layout!

  • There are some great ideas for small bedroom office combinations.
  • Use room dividers and plants, or tuck a desk into a small nook or closet space.
  • Placing a table in front of a window and using existing furniture such as a dresser is ideal.
  • Use splashes of color to create a bold decorative look.

If you are one of the many people who choose to work from home, finding an office space somewhere in your home is crucial. A dedicated space where you can be creative or work without distractions is a must.

Even if the only available space is a bedroom, setting up an office area in your home is relatively easy! Here are some small bedroom office combo ideas.

Creating an office space is easy once you understand how to select an area and utilize the furniture you already have in your home. Read on to learn great ideas for adding an office area to your small bedroom.

Great Ideas for Small Bedroom Office Combinations

If you’re a little intimidated by rearranging and setting up an office in a small bedroom, apply some of these ideas. Personalize your new bedroom-office combo with your personal decorating preferences.

Create a divider to separate two areas

Bedroom home office combo with shelves separate

Choose a corner or space in the room where you want to sit and work. Use room dividers to create a cozy area and separate the area from the bed. You can use rolling folding screens, translucent sliding doors or hang curtains.

Or create a wall cubicle with bookshelves or grow a row of luscious plants of varying heights in pretty planters to create a lovely office area.

Utilize closet space

Closet space as home office combo

This is a clever way to utilize existing space. bedroom. Paint the inside of your cabinets white to create a spacious feel. Install a shelf along the length of the wardrobe to serve as a desk.

You can add some wicker basket drawers underneath to store items, or install narrow shelves on the wall above the table. When not in use, close the closet door and the office is neatly put away.

use your dressing table

Dressing table as home office bedroom comboDressing table as home office bedroom combo

Another great idea is to use your dresser as an office area. This is a perfect desk with drawers and the mirror can be replaced by a small desk bookshelf. Choose a chair that is comfortable and has good back support.

You can still use your vanity as a makeup and beauty station. One set of drawers is used to store beauty accessories and another set is used to store office supplies.

Choose windows for natural light

Home office with windows open for sunlightHome office with windows open for sunlight

Use your bedroom windows as frames to set up your office space. Install a bench across the width of the window or place a small table in front of the window. Natural light and exterior views make windows perfect for your office.

Use roller blinds instead of curtains to provide privacy at night.put a mat underneath table And add accessories to create a beautiful office area.

Tuck the office into a corner

Corner desk for bedroomCorner desk for bedroom

Tucking a small office space into a corner is ideal for small bedrooms. Install a small corner stool and add some floating shelves to the wall above the table. Even with a small space, you can set up a comfortable and functional office area.

Use wood in the same color as the rest of the bedroom to create a unified and spacious look.

make a bold statement

Home office makes a bold statementHome office makes a bold statement

If you decorate your bedroom in neutral beige, white, or gray, add a pop of color when creating an office area. Paint the wall above the desk bright yellow to inject positivity, or paint the wall green for a calming and energizing effect.

Choose a natural wood color or pure white for the table and shelves, which will look lovely against bright walls.

in conclusion

There are many ideas for combining an office area with a small bedroom space. You can choose room dividers, install a desk in the closet, use a dressing table or tuck an office into a small nook.

You can choose natural wood or white office furniture, or use a splash of color to enhance and enliven the ambience of the room.

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